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Welcome to V Homemade Vietnamese Kosher, 

I grew up in Seattle eating my grandmothers traditional Vietnamese cooking. After moving to LA, my boyfriend had very specific food needs so I developed a menu for us that mixed my families traditional Vietnamese plates and my boyfriends need for the food to be Kosher. Bam Vietnamese Kosher!   


Friends and family who came over for dinners and lunches had never tasted anything like it. So I started to cater to large groups of people. They all loved the unique flavors and the fact that the food was so clean & healthy.  


I wanted to create a menu that combined our two beautiful cultures so we have items such as, Onion and Garlic KISHKA potstickers, Vietnamese soup with KREPLACH, 

Coconut Curry served with CHALLAH

We only take a limited amount of orders due to all dishes are made each day by me from scratch and with lots of love. Check out our ingredients page! All Kosher ingredients, no dairy and prepared in our Kosher Kitchen on Pico!                                                     

We offer daily pick up and delivery (other than Saturdays) 
of our pre-cooked items and I cook for the public, two days a week.  Wednesday & Sunday nights. Which I LOVE to do! 


Be safe, stay healthy, love always, 


All cooked orders must be placed 24 hours prior

to delivery date.  

We offer a NO contact delivery system for your

safety through JOLT. 



9303 Pico Blvd.     

LA CA 90035                                                     

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